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Boards and Commissions


Planning Commission

The Planning Committee is responsible for processing and reviewing land use plans for development and redevelopment within the City.

Marvin Brazil
Verna Harris
Ann Zdanowski
Donald Broome
John Skotnicki
Al Robinson
Faye Petlikowski
Francis Didur
Patrick O'Connell

Zoning Board of Appeals

Marvin Brazil
Robert Maretic
Charles Turner
Theresa Peguese
Robert Frierson
William Hammons
Willie White

Housing Commission

Click here for more information regarding the Housing Department.

Mark C. Carter, Executive Director
Fred Norris, President
William Edward, Vice President
Byron Reddick, Commissioner
Arnold Lackey, Commissioner
Nicole Merchant, Commissioner

Recreation Committee

Nathaniel Elem
Robert G. Hellar
Stacy Wheeler
William Childress

Real Estate Committee

Robert L. Hellar
John Miller, Jr.
Robert G. Hellar

Board of Review

Nathaniel Elem
Brenda Banks
John Miller, Jr.
(Note: any City Council member can sit on Board of Review at anytime)

Ecorse Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (EBRA)

William Holmes
Theresa Capra

Library Board

Nathaniel Elem
Marilyn Oliver- President
Julie Darmon
Kim Stover- Secretary
Myra McQuiston-Treasurer
Thomasine Childress
Elizabeth Oberdieck