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Timothy Sadowski
City Controller
313-294-3740 (Office)
313-386-4316 (Fax)

Marcia Cotton
Deputy Controller
(313) 436-4019

Susan Clark
Accounts Payable and Payroll
313-386-2520  Extension 7041

The City Controller's Department performs all financial record keeping and reporting functions for the City of Ecorse.  The primary responsibility of this department is to maintain the City’s financial records in accordance with the City Charter, State law and generally accepted accounting principles. Specific activities performed include bi-weekly payroll, accounts payable, budget monitoring, annual audit and financial management reports.

Financial Transparency and Reporting
(Includes Audits, Pension & OPEB Valuations and
PA 202 of 2017 Reporting)

Munetrix - Financial Transparency for Municipal Government

2021-2022 Budget

2021-2022 Budget

2020-2021 Budget
2020-2021 Budget

2020-2021 Budget Amendment No 1

2020-2021 Budget Amendment No 2

2019-2020 Budget
2019-2020 General Fund Budget Overview

2019-2020 Requested Budget and Public Notices

2019-2020 Budget Amendment No 1

2018-2019 Budget
2018-2019 Budget Memo and Report

2018-2019 Budget Amendment No 1

2018-2019 Budget Amendment No 2

2018-2019 Budget Amendment No 3

Five Year Forecast
Five Year Forecast through Fiscal Year 2024

Audited Financial Statements
2020-06-30 Audited Financial Statement

2019-06-30 Audited Financial Statement

2018-06-30 Audited Financial Statements

2017-06-30 Audited Financial Statements

S&P Global Ratings
December 17, 2020 Rating

March 8, 2018 Rating

August 19, 2014 Rating