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Reminder about cleaning alleys and easements

This is just a friendly reminder to please keep your adjoining streets, alleys, and easemnts clean.  Here is the ordinance for reference.

Sec. 13-70. - Duty of abutting property owners to keep adjoining streets, alleys and easements free of litter.


In the case of an alley, street, or easement, where any substance has been deposited in violation of this article, it shall be the duty of every owner or occupant of any lot or premises to remove from one-half of the alley, street or easement, adjoining the lot or premises all such substances.


It shall be the duty of every occupant of premises abutting upon an alley, street, or easement to keep his adjoining one-half of the alley, street or easement in a clean, neat and orderly condition and to keep all weeds and grasses removed or cut to a height and not to exceed at all times.




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