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Ecorse Creek Cleanup a Success!

The city of Ecorse would like to sincerely thank all who made this past Saturday's Ecorse Creek and Shoreline Clean Up a resounding success. In the inaugural for this joint community enterprise, over 50 volunteers from across the downriver area came together to help preserve the Ecorse River and its surrounding land.
The event was spread across Pepper Park in Ecorse and Point Council Park in Lincoln Park. By the end of the afternoon, a dozen or so heavy trash bags had been gathered with litter that volunteers had collected to help preserve this neighborhood treasure.
The clean-up was uniquely split between those collecting litter around the creek shoreline and those kayaking along the creek itself and gathering trash in the water.
Community leaders, including the mayors of Ecorse and Lincoln Park, Wayne County Commissioner, Illona Varga, the Ecorse City Administrator, Ecorse Council Member Devonte Sherard, prominent figures of the U.S Fish Wildlife Service and others led the dual charge as volunteers across both cities worked tirelessly through the morning of July 13th. The event was made possible by partnerships between both downriver cities, as well as, private and public parties including:
  • Great Lakes Commission
  • McKenna
  • Riverside Kayak Connection
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge
Those who came for our hour cause were also greeted with an afternoon of family friendly yet informative activities that raised awareness about plastic pollution and how to help preserve nature in their communities. At 12 PM, volunteers were treated to a lunch of hot dogs, beverages, and chips. During lunch, a raffle was held for participants to give away prizes from different downriver eateries like Grand Port Cafe and Steel Tavern and establishments including the Riverside Kayak Connection.
Dressed in festive neon green shirts to commemorate their participation, volunteers from various walks of life and areas of each community came together and made this effort possible. We hope that these efforts will lead to greater awareness and support of not only the Ecorse Creek and its shoreline, but all waterways in the surrounding area.
This vital cause helped shine a light on not only how important it is to help preserve our waterways, but also how impactful it can be when two communities work together, especially to uphold the scenic beauty and vitality of our neighboring body of water.
For more information on this event, please contact the City of Ecorse by phone at 313-386-2410 or by email




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