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Building Department

If you need a building permit please print the form from the quick links below, fill it out, include your check and mail to: City of Ecorse Building Dept. 3869 W. Jefferson Ave Ecorse, MI 48229
No permits will be issued without payment.

Building Official

Jim Hill

Kim Brown

Building Department 
For Prevention of the spread of the Coronavirus

(313) 386-3636
Fax (313) 386-4316

Quick Links
  Building Permit Application
 Contractors Registration Form
Mechanical Permit Application
 Sign Application
Plumbing Permit Application
 Demo Application
 Electrical Application
 Fence Application
 Certificate of Occupancy

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The mission of the Building and Engineering Department is to provide required inspections, permitting, plan reviews and inspection services in accordance with the Michigan Building Code. The Building and Engineering Department provides support for City ordinances regarding the sale of all buildings, rental of buildings.

Building Department

Welcome to the City of Ecorse Building Department. The Building Department serves residents and businesses by supporting new construction projects, renovation of existing properties, and building expansion within the City. Our staff is dedicated to providing user-friendly, professional customer service in order to make it easier for individuals and companies to achieve their building objectives and comply with building codes, zoning requirements, and City ordinances. 

The Building Department, in cooperation with other City divisions such as the Planning & Zoning Commissions encourages investment in the City. The vision is to develop a vibrant community where residents and tourists are able to enjoy quality of work and life. The City adopts codes and zoning policies to protect health and safety. Anyone planning to build or improve his or her property should contact the Building Department for important information on codes and ordinances.

Building Code

The City of Ecorse has adopted the 2015 Michigan Building Code, 2015 Michigan Residential Code, Michigan the 2015 Michigan Plumbing and Mechanical Code and the 2015 Michigan Electrical Code. Copies of the codebooks are available for purchase online at the State of Michigan website. To see the international property maintenance code of Michigan, you can click here.


The City of Ecorse requires inspections for all homes that are being sold or rented. Inspections may be scheduled by calling (313) 386-3636. Inspections are performed Upon sale and rental inspections are required every year on rental and Commercial property. Inspections are performed on Tuesdays between the hours of 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Inspectors, are in the Office on Tuesday 8:30 am to 9:00 am for questions. and can be reached at (313) 386-3636

Inspection Fees

Rental Inspection Fees  
Single Family Dwelling $195.00
Two Family Dwelling $355.00
Three Family Dwelling $515.00
Four Family Dwelling $675.00
Five Family Dwelling $835.00
Sale Inspection Fees  
Single Family Dwelling $180.00