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City Administrator

Job Description:

The City of Ecorse is seeking an experienced and vigorous leader for its City Administrator. The individual shall be responsible for the direction and oversight of all City Departments and all city functions. The City Administrator shall be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council based on his/her executive and administrative qualifications. The City Council shall determine the City Administrator's compensation at the time of appointment and such compensation may be adjusted annually if determined necessary by Resolution of the City Council. The City Administrator shall ensure that the City of Ecorse is in compliance with the City Charter and all applicable County, State, and Federal laws. The City Administrator shall oversee the day-today operations of the City, City Departments and City functions. All actions of the City Administrator shall be in compliance with the City Charter of the City of Ecorse. City Administrator shall have the following essential responsibilities:

  • City Administrator shall work with the Mayor and City Council and other City Departments, Boards and advisory groups to develop City Policies and Procedures. The City Administrator shall coordinate efforts with the Mayor and City Council for long term planning, including the reuse of vacant land, encouragement of current business and industrial operations, attraction of new businesses and industry, and improvement to the residential areas of the City.
  • City Administrator will work with the Mayor in coordinating the City's responses to citizens, the news media, prospective developers and new businesses.
  • City Administrator will work in cooperation with other local communities, counties, authorities, the State of Michigan, the federal government, the judicial system and any other group or organization within or without the City. The City Administrator shall work to secure additional financial resources for the citizens of Ecorse through cooperative efforts in the form of grants, low interest loans, and contribution of other resources.
  • City Administrator shall oversee the day-to-day operations of the City, City Departments, City functions and City employees. The appointment and termination of the Department Heads and other City appointments are the responsibility of the Mayor, subject to confirmation by the City Council. No City employees will be hired or terminated except with the consent of the Mayor and Council.
  • City Administrator is responsible to administer all City benefit programs for both active and retired City employees and oversee the negotiation and implementation of all Union contracts.
  • City Administrator Coordinates completion of an independent Annual Audit and reports to the Mayor and City Council, citizens of Ecorse, and to the State of Michigan.
  • City Administrator shall carry out the duties and responsibilities set forth in the Emergency Municipal Loan Act, MCL 141.937(1)(b) -(g), (2) and (3).
  • City Administrator provides oversight of purchasing goods and services for use for all City functions and operations.
  • City Administrator ensures the bidding and administering all capital improvement projects for the City are carried out in a fair, unbiased, efficient, and productive manner. The above job description is illustrative and not a complete itemization of all facets of the position.

Job Compensation

Salary: $120,000 - $140,000 (Yearly Salary)

How To Apply

Send cover letter, resume and employment application to City of Ecorse, Attn: City Controller, 3869 W. Jefferson Ave, Ecorse, MI 48229 or email:

Closing Date

Until Filled

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