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Master Plan

Adopted 2023 Master Plan

The Ecorse Planning Commission adopted the Master Plan for the City of Ecorse in May 2023. To access the adopted master plan, please click here: 2023 Ecorse Master Plan.
Every city in Michigan must have a master plan to guide future land use and serve as the basis for its Zoning Ordinance.  Master planning in Michigan is regulated by the 2008 Michigan Planning Enabling Act (MPEA). The MPEA requires that, at least every 5 years after adoption of a master plan, the Planning Commission must review the master plan and determine whether it is best to amend the current master plan or adopt a new one.
The master plan must address land use and infrastructure issues and may project 20 years or more into the future. The master plan must include maps, charts, and descriptions showing the Planning Commission's recommendations for the physical development of Ecorse into the future.

In the Master Plan, you can find information on the following:
1.    Goals and objectives for the future of Ecorse
2.    Key opportunities and challenges in Ecorse
3.    Current and forecasted community demographics
4.    Current and recommended future land uses (residential, parkland, industrial, etc.)
5.    Community facilities
6.    Transportation networks for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians