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Letter to State Reps on Flash Flooding

Letter to State Representatives
Due to the rapid rainfall and flash flooding on May 1st, 2019, the residents and neighborhoods of the City of Ecorse were severely impacted. This torrential rainfall came at a rate that was too fast for our city’s sewer and storm systems to keep up with.  We strongly encourage you to reach out to Governor Whitmer’s office and encourage her to declare a State of Emergency.

Over 25% of the 2,711 residential basements in the City of Ecorse were severely flooded. We are still receiving calls regarding reoccurring clear water and raw sewage backup.   Our residents are devastated at the loss they have taken. The citizens of Ecorse need help!

Roughly 20% of our City’s infrastructure was affected by flooding including multiple residential and major roads, both viaducts, and the Ecorse Creek.  The Ecorse Creek overflowed its banks and flooded several roadways which led to a major thoroughfare blockage that was manned by our Public Safety Department.  In addition, the flash flood resulted in damage to the Ecorse Senior Center and Ecorse City Hall.  When we are forced to deal with these types of events, it takes away from our main focus. 

It is imminent that you support the City of Ecorse and our efforts and reach out to Governor Whitmer and encourage her to declare a State of Emergency.  We need your help!  Thank you for your attention on this crucial matter.  Please contact myself or City Administrator, Richard Marsh with questions or concerns at 313-386-2410.
Lamar C. Tidwell, Mayor                                              Richard Marsh, City Administrator
City of Ecorse                                                              City of Ecorse




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