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Homeland Security Update

Dear Residents:

The City of Ecorse has met with Homeland Security regarding the recent flood events. Homeland Security has clarified that they are allowing more time to turn in flood claim forms. Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a deadline date as to when these forms must be turned in, but we have been told the opportunity to turn these forms in is not open ended. We realize that trying to clean up the damage is time consuming and filling out the claim form only adds to the frustration. However, if and when, Homeland Security confirms the deadline date, we will no longer be able to accept any claim forms. Therefore, we urge you to complete a flood claim form and turn it in immediately.

A public statement from Homeland Security will be provided to the city within the next couple days with their next steps in the process. What we do know to date is that once the county has all pertinent data submitted from local communities, it will be submitted to the State of Michigan. The State of Michigan will assess data to determine if they have the resources to manage this crisis, if not, the state will request a Federal Emergency Declaration from the president of the United States. Once we obtain more information we will share with you.

Thank You





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