Farewell Message from Joyce A. Parker, Emergency Financial Manager

To the residents, community and stakeholders of Ecorse – thank you for working with me, Mayor Brown and City Council to stabilize the city’s finances and eliminate the $14 million deficit.   It has been a tremendous 3 ½ year journey, and the city is now operating on a balanced budget!  Additionally, the City of Ecorse has presented a proposed 2-year budget (through FY 2014) to the State of Michigan.

Great strides were made in eliminating the $14.6 million cumulative deficit and a $5 million structural deficit.  Ecorse’s bond rating was increased from “junk bond rating” to “A”, the police and fire departments have been reorganized into a public safety department, and many other accomplishments including reducing operating costs by $4.3 million and increasing revenue by $2.3 million were achieved.

Because of our success in addressing the fiscal issues, Governor Snyder has determined the financial emergency no longer exists in Ecorse and has relinquished my position as Emergency Financial Manager.  It should also be noted the Governor has appointed me a member of the Ecorse Receivership Transition Advisory Board which will help facilitate the transition from Emergency Management to local control.

It has been a pleasure working in Ecorse, which is truly “The City of Friendship” and clearly a diamond in the rough.


Joyce A. Parker, Emergency Financial Manager

The community is encouraged to continue its enthusiasm and participation in Envision Ecorse!

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