City Administrator

David Flaten
Interim City Administrator

Laura D'Onofrio
Administrative/Legal Assistant

(313) 386-2410

David Flaten was appointed as Interim City Administrator by  the Ecorse City Council on May 4, 2016 and the appointment was approved by the Ecorse Receivership Transition Advisory Board on May 10, 2016.

Role of the City Administrator

The role of the City Administrator (CA) is to assist the Mayor and City Council in achieving the "Vision for the City". The CA is also the Chief Administrative Officer of the city responsible for the direction and oversight of all city departments and city functions.  The CA reports to the Transition Advisory Board of the State and the City Residents as requested or required in the coordination and oversight of an independent annual audit, purchasing of goods and services, and ensuring improvement projects for the city are carried out in a productive manner.  The City Administrator attends all Council meetings.

Communications with Residents

Mr. Flaten is available to speak with residents in the Council Chambers fifteen minutes before each Council meeting. 



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