Welcome to the City of Ecorse, Michigan

Located in Wayne County, Ecorse is named after the Ecorse River. Formerly named "River Aux Echorches", which means "The River of the Barks" in English, it was originally used as a burial ground for the Native American tribes of the area, and later settled by the French in the last two decades of the 18th century. Parts of the organized township were incorporated as a village in the 1820s. Ecorse became a significant economic force in the region when its first steel mill, Michigan Steel Mill, began operation in 1923.



Wayne County has declared a state of emergency due to all the Flooding. Please click the link above to see the message attached.

Residents: Please click here and print out a sewage claim form, fill it out to the best of your ability with all details, and turn it into City hall and BE SURE to include pictures! Claim forms are also available at City Hall. If it is easier for you to e-mail the pictures, you may e-mail them to ldonofrio@ecorsemi.gov or privately message them to the City Facebook page. Make sure you include your name, address and phone number. All pictures will have to be submitted with a claim form. You can turn any claim forms into the DPW office on the first floor or the Administrative office on the second floor.

City Hall is compiling a list to submit to the FEMA. Please call the City Hall and submit your name, address and telephone number to be put on the list if you experienced flooding. For any questions, please call 313-386-2410.

Please place trash out on the curb and be sure to document pictures of the trash sitting on your curb. Also, PLEASE SEND PICTURES OF DAMAGED ITEMS TO THE CITY! We cannot stress how important this is. FEMA will be coming to the City to visit homes and provide assistance!

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